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romney, but fairly ssall. lots of policy. for reporters and voters who thought a lot of times this campaign has ordered a little bit too on -- to much on the cynical, there was it kind of policy tonight. you heard president obama at one. take the president -- take mitt romney to task. that did not happen until the last half-hour of the debate. for the better part of the first hour, it was mitt romney who was pn offense, challenging the president's record, addressing him directly, accusing the president of misrepresenting mitt romney. toward the end, we heard mitt romney say, you are entitled to your own house and plain, but not your own facts. there was a fair amount of %+arring back and forth. generally speaking, there demeanor's seemed like, in mitt romney's case, he is prepared to be president, and president obama is struggling with some of the strains of being president with some of a rigid somewhat of a difficult campaign. a difficult campaign. -- with somewhat of a diffi remember when you said men are superior drivers? yeah. yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of denn
polling people but do you vote for romney or obama? >> i thought you were registering voters a minute ago. >> i am, i am. >> and who are you registering? all voters? >> i'm actually trying to register people for a particular party because we're out here in support of romney actually. i am. >> and who is paying you for this? >> oh, the -- let me see, we're working for the county clerk's office. >> okay. you cannot come out here -- >> working for the county clerk's office. that means taxpayer dollars goes to that teen-age person to go out and register people who are going to vote for mitt romney. the fox affiliate confirmed the woman worked for the republican firm. this is what happens when republicans get their backs against the wall. they cheat. but i don't think they're going to get away with it. democrats and progressives are schooled up on the latest dirty tricks. eight years ago the republican voter fraud in florida may have gone unnoticed. today we know better. republicans can use lies and intimidation to try to win but no one is going to roll over and take it this final. 2012 just a
is trying to explain the original comment from mitt romney which i thought mitt romney was very clear on what he was saying, and now ari is trying to explain the new comment of mitt romney, where he was very clear when he said he was wrong. ari, there's no need for spin. there's no need for explanation. mitt romney said i was wrong. the bottom line is why is he saying this? because he knows that he has been hurt by it. he knows full well that when he is now going to the final days of the campaign that he was hurt by it and people who likely are voting for him are in that same category. >> was it a mistake for president obama not to ask him about the 47% during the first debate? >> it was a mistake of president obama not to ask about that. it was a mistake for president obama not to say mitt romney, are you calling out fellow republicans who refuse to vote for the veterans jobs bill in the united states senate? he left a whole bunch of stuff on the table he could have brought up but he absolutely should have asked him about it because it is a central issue when you talk about where we
watched it and having seen some reruns this morning, i really thought governor romney was so compelling, spoke more. i have criticized him for not putting a fire in voters bellies and said he puts the audiences to sleep. not last night. chris christie was right. the governor was aggressive without being offensive. he was knowledgeable without being wonky. he was articulate without being boring. he was funny when it was necessary. he showed deference and respect to the president. it was almost the opposite of the way the president was. he seemed bored. he was boring himself. the only thing he didn't do that he could have done was a george h.w. bush, what time is it, it's time for me to go home, reference to the debate in 1992. however you measure these things, whether winning it means anything or not, chris christie may have been on to something. this might change the vector ever so much, this might change the momentum a little bit a months before election day. >> bret: clearly kirsten in that spin room, the dynamic was stark. i mean, there were only four obama folks with signs and they
and smirking. >> i thought romney would fall apart. >> i give an edge slightly to obama. i think he's doing an effective job, in explaining just what he's accomplished the last four years. >> reporter: less than two miles away at the contra costa county republican headquarters, romney supporters gave their candidate high praise. >> romney needs to be personal, patient, show his plan, and he is. he has to describe how growing the economies will apply to revenues better than raising taxes. >> reporter: one romney supporter told us both men delivered strong performances. >> obama is also convincing that it is a little more freestyle, but still very organized. but i like romney appearing very organized when they first start off. >> i think he'll win the debate and the race. >> i hope. i want him to win. >> reporter: both republicans and democrats we spoke with tonight said the debate is important. but there's there's still a lot more campaigning to do before the finish line. reporting live in downtown walnut creek, amber lee, ktvu news. >> the next debate is slated for next thursday in danville
. >> when you see the two together on the screen, romney is kind of smiling and smirking. >> i thought romney would fall apart. >> i give an edge slightly to obama. i think he's doing an effective job, in explaining just what he's accomplished the last four years. >> reporter: less than two miles away at the contra costa county republican headquarters, romney supporters gave their candidate high praise. >> romney needs to be personal, patient, show his plan, and he is. he has to describe how growing the economies will apply to revenues better than raising taxes. >> reporter: one romney supporter told us both men delivered strong performances. >> obama is also convincing that it is a little more freestyle, but still very organized. but i like romney appearing very organized when they first start off. >> i think he'll win the debate and the race. >> i hope. i want him to win. >> reporter: both republicans and democrats we spoke with tonight said the debate is important. but there's there's still a lot more campaigning to do before the finish line. reporting live in downtown walnut creek,
and everything else. i thought he looked tired. but i also thought, sitting there in the hall, that mitt romney looked overly aggressive. when i thought about it later i thought to myself he didn't flesh out any of the issues he was talking about. he said he wouldn't raise any taxes for rich people, he said he was going to do vouchers for medicare. all of the things he's been -- he's going to defund big bird, too. i think that definitely he had a more energetic performance. i don't think, in places like colorado, that's going to impact the undecided voters who really want to know about the various candidate's policies. >> tom brokaw met with several undecided voters in colorado this week and asked what they hope to get out of the debate. let's play a little bit of that. >> looking forward the debate to see which of two candidates can position themselves, in my mind, to do a better job for the country. i see all of the advertisements. i have problems deciphering what is true, what is not true. so i think head-to-head, on television, hopefully that will bring some clarity to my decision. >> but t
here. you know, conservatives loved it when romney got put on the ticket. they thought this was a good sign that the romney campaign was finally going to be about something. they've been disappointed so far that ryan has been turned more into romney than the other way around. so he's the obvious person to be sent out there to talk to these guys. but i'm just not sure how soothing he can be in terms of the top of the ticket in this case. >> in terms of the soothing, dana, bob dole was very soothing to mr. romney or he wrote over this weekend an op ed piece that i'm sure was intended to be soothing. i certainly wouldn't have liked it if i was the nominee. but his intent, i'm sure, was to be soothing because he wrote no one aspires to be defeated -- a defeated presidential candidate. but then he went on further and he argued that there is light at the end of the tunnel for dole that was an improbable career, pitching visa, duncan donuts and viagra. and he goes on to say, the greatest of life blessings cannot be counted in electoral votes. so he's telling mr. romney, i assume, don't worry
it appears, vice president gore? >> al gore: i said before the debate that i thought that romney was going to be a better performer tonight, because he knows how far behind he is and he had to bring his a game and i think he did. i don't think it was the best debate performance for president obama. i agree with you we'll have to see how the specifics on the substantive issues settle in as people reflect on them. but the first visceral reaction i had was that romney did himself some good in this debate. i'm strongly supporting president obama, and i think he is going to win, but i don't think this was his best night. >> cenk: governor grandholm? [ laughter ] >> jennifer: i'm sad to say that i agree, and i really really am sad to say that i agree, because i so wanted to be wrong about thinking that romney was going to come out swinging. i think the president -- he was right on facts, but there were opportunities that were missed. so the not saying -- not hitting back on the $716 billion was a missed opportunity. i know the fact checkers -- >> al gore: and romney said it
thought mitt romney sounded insane. >> stephanie: yeah. >> lazy. >> stephanie: and he also said not very bright. i think maybe they are spiking the football just a little bit too much. this might backfire on them? >> little bit. >> stephanie: now the heritage foundation. >> we all love big bird but maybe it's time to find a job in the private sector -- >> stephanie: sesame street specifically gets hardly anything, because they make money with merchandising -- >> absolutely. >> and conservatives like to say, sesame street can go to nickelodeon or something like that. you can only get nickelodeon if you have cable, and for very low income families who's only source of education for their children, sesame street a very valuable tool. >> unless you are making gazillions of dollars there is no reason to do it. >> stephanie: they might replace matt lawyer -- >> we have that coming up in celebrity stack. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." unwrap your paradise. soft, sweet coconut covered in rich, creamy chocolate. almond joy and mounds. unwrap paradise. what
, this continual looking down at his notes, disengaging completely from mitt romney. i just thought it looked strange. >> yeah. you know, his body language, whatold an incredible story, the way he communicated last night said more than he actually said with his mouth. maria said he looked into the camera. he was looking down at his notepad way more than he was looking into the camera and his body language basically said you know, i'm not interested in being here, i'm irritated i have to be here, i'm going to argue with the moderator for five seconds and i'm going to, you know, really just kind of check out of the debate. he was totally disengaged last night, and i think it was because he was in shock. mitt romney went on offense from the very beginning of the debate -- >> okay, but let me jump in there. let me ask maria that. why on earth would barack obama be in shock that mitt romney was attacking him given it's exactly what mitt romney did in the entire republican debate race, particularly in florida against newt gingrich, as he said earlier. did he not watch those debates? has he never se
, folks, i know we all don't have access to governor romney's accountant. i thought last night when he said i would like to introduce my accountant to that. i would love to have his accountant. but look, we understand, someone ends up paying for all of this. >> crystal, joe biden has the touch with that sort of thing. he does and that is funny. and that helps. that is always helpful and the other thing that i would note from this performance in 2008 and also from this speech is how loyal he is. nothing is about him. it is about the president and the president's plans and an attack on governor romney. and at that time in 2008. i noticed that palin focused on her record and her family. it was me centered and i can see paul ryan walking down that same path and the work that he has done in congress rather than making it about governor romney and president obama. >> do you think the age difference will be a factor? >> yeah. almost exexactly the same age different from 1988. that was a situation where quail looked like the young day. and it was like an old testament figure. when he looked at
to see you. what was your thought watching the debate last night? you've been up against mitt romney in the early part of the year, pretty relentlessly. he's obviously a good debater. i have never seen him quite do as well as he did last night. what did you think? >> yeah. you know, i thought about this a lot. i really thought that this is exactly what he had to do. he had to go on the offensive. he had to confront, particularly confront president obama on the mischaracterizations of both his record and governor romney's record, and if he did that, i really believe that president obama has just never been challenged like that before and that it would get under his skin a little bit and it clearly did, and once mitt got in that rhythm, i just think there was no stopping him. i don't think -- i think the reason we haven't seen romney like that is because when you're in a debate with seven or eight people, it's hard to get into a rhythm. it's hard to really have that kind of energy and keep it up when you're only getting one question every 15 minutes. so it really, the form worked perfe
already thought about mitt romney, that he's not worried about the middle class, he's not worried about those struggling to get into the middle class. >> okay. >> so, you know, there are a lot of things that could have been brought up tonight. we had an aggressive, thorough conversation about the course of this race and pointing out who mitt romney is when where he wants to take this country and we'll continue doing that. we have two more debates left and 30-some-odd days and i think it will be a good race. all the way up to the end. >> you admit there were things that were left out. what about now the importance that is being placed on the vice president's role in all of this. obviously there's going to be heightened interest to see how vice president biden handles the radical paul ryan. >> well, i think you can expect the vice president to show up ready to talk about paul ryan's policies but also barack obama and joe biden's policies over the last four years and where together they want to take this country. now, in terms of paul ryan, you know, he's tried to soften some of his positi
i don't get it. i don't quite get it. i thought romney's performance, let's call it that, was masterful. i don't know what the president was up to last night. your thoughts. >> well, i agree with andrew sullivan. i think he's right on in all his points and i agree with you. romney did -- governor romney was terrific last night. he did all the things he has to do to get back in this race, and i am also mystified at the president's strategy. you know, chris, i'm a good sports fan. in fact, i even do sports tv and i write -- >> i know you do. >> and there's a great sports analogy. when you play the perfect defense when you have a lead, when you try to sit on the ball in basketball when you have got a lead, when you play conservative, what often happens is you lose the lead. and i can't for the life of me believe that that's what they did, but that's the only explanation. they told the president, don't be confrontational. they told the president, be above it all, act presidential. but the one thing that gets me when i was running for re-election as mayor and when i was runnin
% to 25%, they thought mr. romney won the debate. when asked who was more likeable, debate watchers gave the two candidates essentially equal marks. that's one piece of spin that doesn't quite pass the sniff test. decide for yourself if this one does from the campaign's ben lebold who suggested mitt romney last night was acting. >> it was performance art. he locked himself into some bad positions that he took during the republican primary, tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas, refusing to ask the wealthiest for a dime to reduce the deficit and those give us big openings to talk about on the campaign trail in key states in the weeks ahead. >> vice president biden, meantime, said his boss did a good job during a bright line between his policies and mitt romney's. >> i think the president did a wonderful job in making it clear just how stark that choice is. >> keeping them honest, that is precisely where the pundits, even those who support president obama, say he dropped the ball and when we asked our viewers whether mr. obama did better or worse than expected, 61%, nearly two i
as was the case last night with mitt romney. >> some people have said they thought president obama seemed almost irritated to be confronted like that. you think part of that, if it was irritation, that comes from the idea that he's been surrounded in this sort of presidential bubble where people aren't attacking him to his face. >> yeah, i think there is a lot to that theory. and also, even in the rehearsals, even in the debate preps, i think there's maybe a tendency on the part of the people surrounding a president to go a little easy, not to be too assertive and aggressive with him. >> in the past when candidates have had poor debate performances, do we know what their staffs have done to get them back on track, to make sure they don't make the same mistakes twice, to recalibrate? >> yeah. a lot of different things. reagan for instance was told after his disastrous first debate in '84 to go back to his instincts and just sort of think in themes. set aside all the facts and just think about how you feel about particular issues. but my favorite example is al gore in 2000. he had a really bad fir
. >> bill: in next weeks debate, can romney do what ronald reagan did to jimmy carter? megyn kelly has some thoughts. >> bill: caution the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. the likeability factor. that the subject of talking points memo. there two are kinds of voters in america those that know the issues and those that don't. emotion drives a decision and part of that equation is likeability. many people think reagan defeated carter because he came across likable while carter was distant and same thing with bill clinton and younger clinton showed more personality. bush the younger remained personally popular until the recession kicked in. right now in a popularity poll, president obama is ahead of mitt romney by throw three-points according to a new survey. after next week's debate it could change dramatically. there is no question about obama and romney realize they must come across as nice guys that is why they go on entertainment programs. >> we're is very happy you came on this a mrs. obama and brought your date? >> i brought him. he had a few minutes in his sched
thought mitt romney was more relaxed and in control of the interview process? >> i agree. the last thing i wanted to hit on with obama, one of the things he answered the final question which a fifth closed. mitt romney seemed stiff but he a little more than a makes. there was some picture iss at the end but a satisfied grin. by the end of the clip i thought he was satisfied with the clip. >> and interviewing bill clinton about the 47% remark that mitt romney made. go. >> do you think that was smart politics? >> no. but it is interesting. you know i know a lot of higher income people who have helped me do my work. they are supporting governor romney. a lot of people say things like that. >> bill: what do you pick up there? >> when he says no. it shows contempt. immediately you know this will be interesting. you can hear the change in his voice and it changes when he talking. he is try to placate the heavy hitters and not so heavy hitters. in addition to that he sticks out his tongue that complements the disgust i talked about earlier. at the end you do that and angry. >> bill: why would he
. that is what the phrase that romney used. government trickle down zblin deed. >> i thought that was pretty darn clever. steve right here is cringing already about that. but government trickle down, susan. did that turn you off? >> yeah. very much so. and i think it's an accurate reflection of the philosophy of this administration. >> all right. how about the debate? we'll give you a few seconds. debate last night? please, not please? give me a quickie. >> i think you said it best, larry, when you said that the president's clock was politely cleaned. it was very -- it was visceral. it was in the room. it was clear that the president wasn't on his a game at all. you could see anytime his body language. you could see it with his eyes. moving down. but mitt was on his a game. >> right. >> this is the guy that i have seen over the past 18 months. i find it to be a very interesting construct, romney's war on women, war on dogs. and today it's the war on the real mitt romney. so i thought it was a very intense and very telling contrast. >> all right. susan crown, many thanks for coming on the show. we
was wearing blue and mitt romney wearing red. that is the beginning. 52% thought romney's hair looks better. >> he has nice hair. little gray. melissa: they both have good hair. 51% thought that the pet's makeup looked better. how do you judge that? could you really even tell? i don't know. close calls. who looked better? >> i couldn't tell. i knew what you were going to ask us. bomb, obama was looking down so much. whenever romney looked at obama he would square up with obama, obama was looking down and couldn't tell what he was wearing or what he looked like. melissa: what do you think. >> i think the same thing. the demeanor played a lot who looked better on debate. melissa: i wonder how do they decide who wears red, blue, red state, blue state. red is power. blue is calming? >> i never like that designation, democrats blue as republicans red. i think conspiracy by the left-wing media is red is angry color. look at me i'm wearing red right now. melissa: what color tie would you wear if you were in the debate? >> i don't know. melissa: yellow. >> demeanor you have that is important. one.
supporters. take a look. >> i am polling people but would you vote for romney or obama. >> wait. i thought you were registering voter a minute ago. >> i am. >> who are you registered? all voters? >> i'm actually trying to register people for a particular party. >> uh-huh. >> because we're out here in support of romney actually. i am. >> and who's paying you for this? >> oh, the -- let me see. we're working for the county clerk's office. >> okay. you cannot come out here and register one party, lady. are you working for the county clerk's office? i've got it all on tape. you're working for the county clerk's office? >> i believe so, yes. >> and you're only registering republicans? >> nope. >> you said you're only registered romney people. >> we're trying to to be honest. >> and you're workinger for the romney office? >> in all fairness she sounds confuse order afraid. either way she said she was working for the county clerk's office but they said that's absolutely not true. he also said my office does not and will not engage in partisan voter registration. one local official she actually wo
's deeate... where he tuuned out a well- reviewed performance that has clearly energized his supporrers.romney says: "last night i thought was a great opportunity for the american different visions for thee countty. nd i ttink it was hellful to be able to descriie thooe visions. i saw the president's vision as &ptrickleedown government and i don't think that's what america believes in. i see instead a prosperity that comes through freedommroberts says: "the campaigns both keeping a busy schedule today. president topping in wisconsin before heading back to d-c. governor romney heree in virginia withhits thirteen fishersville, john robeets, n fox news." earlier we askkd who you ttought won the presidenttal de. deeate.bill writes on our for mitt last night. obama wasnnt ven ii ttis league." league." but keshia writes..." who won shoulln't be the question. who questionn" h should be the - a huge response on this question....with strong ppinions on both sidds go to fox-baltimorr dot com and tell us whaa yyu think. you can aaso sound off through facebook. send us a tweet.. aa foxbaltimore.
. these are obama voters. two of them told me that they thought mitt romney showed gravatas, that he could be on the same stage with the president. nonetheless to be clear these obama voters said they were still likely to be with the president but they saw something new from mitt romney, a spark if you will. from the president what i saw just a moment ago was a president who seemed to realize that he had missed opportunities last night, that time after time when mitt romney punched him last night he did not counter punch, so he tried to do that today. take a listen to this. >> the man on stage last night, he does not want to be held accountable for the real mitt romney's decisions and what he's been saying for the last year. and that is because he knows full well that we don't want what he's been selling for the last year. [cheers and applause] >> governor romney may dance around his positions, but if you want to be president you owe the american people the truth. >> reporter: now, for example, last night mitt romney at one point said that maybe the president needs a better accountant to f
romney's campaign thought they had momentum. this now i would say has popped that balloon in a significant way and allows the president now to go out there as he did today in a very forceful way and make the argument that the country is moving in the right direction. you do not want to take us back in the wrong direction. >> you know, in a lame duck session of the congress we had this big discussion about the bush tax cuts. the republicans are so far off their game right now their reaction today should have been well we told president obama to extend the bush tax cuts. you can't raise taxes on the job creators. they don't even know their own talking points. what do they do now? they come out and accuse the president and the bureau of labor statistics of cooking the books. what is the new 7.8 unemployment mean for obama's campaign strategy moving forward to get him re-elected? >> well, it gives him an opportunity to really paint the picture that we didn't do, he didn't do effectively in the debate. to me, now the stakes for the next debate become really critical. the presid
of things. on the one hand, it did show that most people thought romney won the debate. >> yeah. >> but it also showed that romney didn't appear to add that much to his favorable rating from the debate. just a little bit more, actually, than obama who actually did add a little bit. and that the people, according to stan greenberg's polls, the only people he saw shifting in his big focus group were republican leaning undecideds and he found no erosion for obama. so if obama begins to turn it around now, he could begin to contain whatever damage that debate caused. >> yeah. you know, here's governor john sununu, one of the surrogates for mitt romney who has said this kind of stuff before. here it is. >> i find it fascinating, now this morning after they've slept, to watch them all scrambling around to clean up the mess the president left on the floor last night. he didn't want to prepare for this debate. he's lazy and disengaged. >> sam, what about that? >> i mean, what's to add? it's kind of absurd. it's obviously provocative. he wants to get a headline ou
decisive i think that pretty much any other debate than any of us here can remember. i thought gov. romney did a fabulous job on both the relative basis. comparing mitt romney with performances that we usually see, quite fabulous. on a nominal basis, he did very, very well. i think it is true to say president obama is a superior or turk. i think mitt romney is a better debater. romney, you know, we saw something that we had not seen in a long time. it occurred to me that this reminded me more of the mitt romney i met in 1994 when he was running for the senate and came by and met with me and was incredibly an impressive and analytical and fact driven and pragmatic. this was that guy, not so much the person who had been pretending to be an ideologue for the past few years. obama seemed to be like a team sitting on a lead. i would not have said smog it, i would have just said somebody who did not seem to be terribly hungry for it. -- i would not say smug, just somebody that was not hungry for it. i did not really big in these examples after, i do not particularly care for them. -- these insta
romney meeting for their very first debate in denver. if you look at cnn's polling, viewers thought the winner was crystal clear. >> yeah, 67% of debate watchers surveyed thought romney ran away with it. >> we're going to bring in a democratic strategist, former employee in the clinton administration. great to have you here. dana bash is back us with. and anna navarro, a republican strategist that worked with john mccain and now a cnn contributor. we're glad you're all with us this morning. richard, you know, we have you here this morning on a day -- >> so good to be here this morning. >> a challenging day for the democrats. you saw the debate. you saw what our polls are saying this morning. >> there was a debate last night? >> yeah. >> did the president lose this? >> you know, i think luckily for me this morning history tells us that we don't know really who won or lost in terms of where it moved -- if it moved any votes until many days later. these things have to set in. but clearly, as you have been reporting already this morning and as the pundits were saying last night, i think
thought that of an ambassadorr libya, attacks on embassies would havele east, offed mitt romney a golden to reframe the he can seem to get their. politico began a piece on fririy us what the probl not clint etwood and chair, the 47% video, media bias says it is judge for yourself. >> quite a guy. paul ryan, isn't that something? ryan! ryan! >> with a second, romney-ryan, ryan.y- >> oh, sweet jesus. >> joe scarborough and mika joe."nski on "morning "slowly and reluctantly, republics working for mitt romney are concluding thafor all his gifts as a leader and model, he is not a good political candidate in this e ra." mark?t fair, >> it fair, and you want to the numbers. wherever mitt romney goes, his unfavorable numbers go up. at 35%ida in may, he was personally. is a 48% unfavorable. ohio, he was at 35%, now 49%. it is problem. that has just been in the .everse with obama what you do? mitt does nonot have a rose garden. charles, you wrote that in happening inhat is the middleast, "ronny's un go biand foro the larger argument is astonishing." the american embassyf killed, riotster
for mitt romney. i actually thought that stephanie cutter was lowering expectations for the president. she likely agrees with your assessment, piers, in that she already ceded that mitt romney is a good debater, he certainly showed that in florida and during the primaries, he's a great debater. he put away the race there, really. and that underdogs usually get on the stage with the president of the united states, they feel that vibe, they're at parity and i think she basicsly broadcasting it's okay and we expect it if the underdog wins here. but here's what i think has to happen for mitt romney. he needs to bring this race back to a referendum on obama. it was a referendum on president obama for awhile as any re-election should be, then it was a choice. now it's actually a referendum on mitt romney. he needs to shift the referendum back into the incumbent and have the debate questioners really hold the president to account for some answers in libya, his silence on syria and certainly the economy. >> jennifer, it's going to be a fascinating night, the debate. i can't wait to watch it. there
for mitt romney on their front lawn. they need to sort of say, i thought i knew i was for but i'm not sure. if that happened and that would be enough for mitt romney. >> eric: what should we look for? should we watch for iconic line, are you better off than four years ago? >> i think from romney's point of view, he has to do a couple of things. he has to make the case as to why obama's record is wrong which won't be news. he has to address the concern that a lot of people have and 47% video didn't help that he would favor the rich over the middle-class. he has to explain why his economic plan would actually help the middle-class is the best plan for the middle-class. it's not just about protecting romney's rich friends. farce is the president is concerned, if its wash, that is fine. he doesn't need to score an knockout blow. if it's a tie he comes out ahead. i think he'll go after romney and make that same pointed that romney's plans is protecting the rich. and also, this is key since the democratic convention, they seem to have gotten people to feel more optimistic about the economy. poll >> it has been a rough couple of weeks for mitt romney. the president has opened up leads in battleground states like ohio, wisconsin, florida, colorado. you would have thought that the assassination of an american ambassador in libya, attacks on embassies elsewhere in the middle east, would have offered mitt romney hagel the opportunity to reframe the debate, but he cannot seem to get there. politico began a piece on friday by telling us with the problem is not -- not clint eastwood and the empty chair, or delete 47% video or media bias. politico says it is mitt. judge for yourselves. >> quite a guy, isn't it? paul ryan, isn't that something? >> ryan, ryan. >> way to a second, romney-ryan, romney-ryan, there you go. >> oh, sweet jesus. >> joe scarborough and mika brzezinski on "morning joe." "slowly and reluctantly, republicans who love romney are concluding that for all his gifts as a leader and role model, he is just not a good political candidate in this era." is that fair, mark? >> it is affair. you want to go to the numbers. wherever mitt romney goes, his unfavorable numbers go up.
they thought mitt romney won the first debate. 67% to 25%. what happened to the mesmerizing president who captivated audiences in berlin and cairo more than three years ago? where was the visionary who saw a path for this country that was so compelling he became the first african-american president in our history? watching the debate last night i got the impression president obama didn't even want to be there. he seemed annoyed at times and disengaged. and he allowed mitt romney back in the race big time. when the debates now shift to foreign policy, it's not likely to get any easier for the president. the middle east is a tinderbox. the murder of an american ambassador in libya goes begging for an explanation as to why repeated requests for additional security in our consulate in benghazi were turned down. and the white house won't answer any questions about this except to say that the fbi is conducting an investigation. the fbi. that's not nearly enough. here's the question, why did president obama do so poorly at last night's debate? go to, post a comment on the bl
now with new analysis of last night's big debate. >> mark, instant polling and survey say they thought romney won the debate, and the president didn't help himself. do you agree with that? >> i pretty much do agree. look at the body lang raj from the campaign, obama was trying to do a little bit of cleanup. when you have to do that, you end up getting the better of the debate performance. i was surprised in a way that president obama's initial level was a bit down. mitt romney was concise. he was assertive. we had seen all those things during the republican primary season. i wasn't surprised about that, but was surprised president obama didn't have the energy level to meet it. >> we had mentioned the surveys that have come out. and most people who watched it seemed to think that romney won. steve handelsman showed us that headline. when does that translate, or does it translate in the polling? >> that's the great question. we haven't seen ygreat surveys. some folks believe this electorate is locked in there. then again, this could end up having some type of change. i would just warn pe
and we thought we won for the last 50 years. mitt romney wants to take us back, the republican-dominated congress and senate would take us back to those fights all over again. oprah, we need you. we need other women like oprah to get out there and say we cannot go backwards. we have to go forwards. >> you mean he's going to take us all the way back to the policy that we had on religious institutions in health care like a year ago? like all the way back to the dark ages of 2011? the horrible year of 2010? >> wail, the policy is women's health care should not be discriminated against. men's health care is not, so, ross, nothing you say here is going to actually make women support mitt romney. >> i'm not trying to get women to support mitt romney. i'm just trying to tell the truth about the policy change. in any case, so my unsolicited advice, we'll pivot away from a dispute we probably won't resolve here, is for pundants and journalists after this debate, it might be time to wrap up on the elections of 2000, 1872 and 188 where the three elections where the winner of the popular v
. you know, we've been pounding mitt romney despite what chee-to eaters thought on the internet because he's had a horrible, horrible month. he was uncomfortable in his skin. last night, that guy was -- and bill kristol said it, i agree -- the best republican debate in 20 years. i'd say you have to go back to 1980 to find a better republican presidential debate. i don't know where mitt romney's been, but my god, he showed up last night. >> for all the talk about zingers and everything else coming in, he was comfortable. his jokes were funny. he wasn't forced. he wasn't stilted. and he came with information. there have been complaints over and over -- we've made them here -- that this campaign's been about nothing. that was an incredibly substantive debate on both sides. >> it was. >> two smart guys with two very different visions of america having an actual debate. >> willie, i'm so glad you said that because the middle of the debate last night, we've been trashing both camps for saying nothing. and i looked up at the screen, as dysfunctional as american politics are, and i went, oh, my
't found a job. i don't want to vote for romney. but i really thought things would be better by now. >> real change takes more than one term. or even one president. i don't know if it will even happen in eight years. might take 12. frankly, i might be long dead. who here has a job? there we go. there we go. what do you do, sir? >> i'm a manager at burger king. >> and where were you four years ago, probably working the counter, right? >> i was a vice president for bank of america. >> oh, okay. the point is that today you're a manager at one of america's biggest companies. that's a success story. probably get free burgers, right? >> no one gets free burgers. actually, i had to fire a guy for eating one while eating on the clock. >> there you go. free brick. anyone else feel they're much better off than four years ago? yes, sir? what do you do? >> i don't have a job. i just won a lot of money in a lawsuit last year. >> i see. >> yeah. i was eating at a burger king and some guy just hit me with a brick. >> there you go! circle of life. look, can we at least agree that mitt romney would
in recent months than first thought. and romney working to win over voters who are out of work. now offering this about those comments he made about the 47%. the americans, he said, he doesn't worry about, those he said he can't convince to take personal responsibility. >> clearly, in a campaign with hundreds if not thousands of speeches and question/answer sessions, now and then you're going to say something that doesn't come out right. in this case, that's just completely wrong. >> reporter: now, all day there's been chatter among well-respected names that this number now below 8%, just weeks before the election, is, well, suspicious. i asked the romney campaign late today if they believe the numbers are legitimate. one key adviser said they'll leave the speculation to others, that, quote, we'll deal with the numbers, diane, as they've been reported. >> david muir, glad to have you back in from the campaign trail. >>> and amid those questions being asked, we decided to track down some answers. abc's jonathan karl spent the day looking into these new numbers and what they really mean. >> re
it works. romney has slowly gotten the word that the voter out there thought the two had things worked out, that romney and ryan were in this thing together. well, they're not. romney is dying. he can't stand being tied to ryan, and all that budget cutting baggage of his. for his part, ryan is feeling the taint of having a running mate who is unwilling to stand with him, unwilling to be his kind of politician. a conviction politician. so trouble in paradise. mitt's dying to be single again, so is ryan. we all know that politics makes strange bedfellows but the word is out this pair, romney and ryan, are sleeping in separate rooms. i'm joined by msnbc political analyst howard fineman and joy ann reid, managing editor of more polling data that shows mitt romney trailing. let's check the hardball scoring board. according to a new fox news poll, president obama leads romney by five points among likely voters nationwide. 48% to 43%. catch that, the fox poll. highly significant there. let's go right now to howard on this question. it looks to me like this divorce papers are pretty m
we run out of time, i thought of you when mitt romney mentioned spain during the debate. let me play that clip and get your reaction on the other side. >> spain, spain spend 42% of their total economy on government. >> okay. >> we're now spending 42% of our economy on government. i don't want to go down the path of spain. melissa: what do you think? are we going down the path of spain? >> i think that this is one of the great political debates of our time and i think that mitt romney was right to join it with president obama. i think president obama's policies and his political vision are fundamentally that of french democrats, rather like francois hollande. i think mitt romney's are a traditional conservative republican. i thought during the debate he sounded actually, he echoed themes that you would associate with dwight eisenhower. so i think this is a great debate to be joined politically. i think that romney is raising real risk but there are people on the left who would like to see a stronger centralized government, not just as a safety net but all of these elements and you can
, smack! >> 67% said romney won only 25% thought the president won. dana, some highlights and low lights for us? >> i want to play a couple of sound bite that is really encapsulate what both men actually did right last night. first of all, on mitt romney, he really was aggressive but went after president obama on the whole idea of doing health care instead of jobs. also trying to move his way back to the middle after being so far to the right during the primaries. take a listen. >> i just don't know how the president could have come into office, facing 23 million people out of work, rising unemployment, an economic crisis at the kitchen table and spent his energy and passion for two years for fighting for obama care instead of fighting for jobs for the american people. it has killed jobs. the best course for health care is to do what we did in my state, craft a plan at the state level that fits the needs of the state and then let's focus on getting the costs down for people. >> mitt romney talking, once again, about his health care plan in massachusetts, which he shied away from big time
jersey governor chris christie went off message on "face the nation" sunday saying he thought romney would win and change the dynamics of this race. this morning he called into morning joe on msnbc and take a listen to what he had to say. >> i thought the president had no energy. it didn't look like he wanted to engage governor romney. the fact of the matter is, you know, you can't beat the champ on points. mitt romney hit a knockout last night. >> reporter: a lot of republicans, democrats and swing voters we interviewed in our poll last night are saying about the same thing this morning. this was kind of a real i told you so moment for chris christie. norah and charlie? >> jan, thank you. >>> john dickerson is also in denver. john, good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> exactly how does this change the dynamics of the race? >> well, conservatives who were worried about romney, not sure if he was on kind of a long-term slide, are now very excited. it means that mitt romney doesn't have to deal with those money folks. they're excited. it gives romney a second look from the indepen
thought, was this $5 trillion tax cut. let's play what the president said. let's play what mitt romney had as a rejoineder and then we'll discuss. >> calls for a $5 trillion tax cut on top of the extension of the bush tax cuts. that's another trillion dollars and $2 trillion in additional military spending that the military hasn't asked for. >> my number one principle is that there will be no tax cut that adds to the deficit. i won't put in place a tax cut that adds to the did he haefici. that's part one. no economist can say that mitt romney's tax plan adds 5 trillion if i say i will not add to the deficit with my tax plan. my plan is not to put in place any tax cut that will add to the deficit. >> walk me through how that could work. how could both of those two sound bites be true? can you cut $5 trillion, add tax cuts and make up enough money to make up that gap? >> i don't think so. at that moment in the debate, i thought mitt romney was trying to make news that he was saying, okay, look, if it actually adds up to 5 trillion, then i'm just going to scale it down rather than keep going
ryan. the surrogates are on top of it and raising funds which is good. we actually thought that romney's brand was dead. now he is revived. that is good for one thing, moral and fundraising. deep donors are hiking its up. they are ready to start rolling. that is great. >> i will be more pessimistic. it was a great, romney backers see this as a great victory. the boots and barbecue thing in dallas, i know a lot about it, that is already baked in, not new. >>neil: they are not eating boots and barbecue, boots like cowboy boots. >>guest: i will never wear cowboy boots if i go. i like barbecue. this has been baked in. what we really have to worry about, there was talk of people would made commitments diverting that with the romney campaign and they are not giving to mitt romney to where they have most impact in house of representatives and senate races because of the polls. they thought it was getting away. >>neil: they have to see more polls? >>guest: who knows? >>neil: do a lot of the guys you talk to, do they need to see evidence that the governor has got some traction here? or they fee
this year. >> final thought. >> i think chrystia, that they got spooked. sometimes i feel like the romney campaign is trying to win the press over. >> don't listen to the geniuses in the medial room. chrysa freeland, ramesh ponnuru and ana marie cox sfwhie is he hard. >> he's an eloquent man with perfect speech. >> live to tame from new york, my sitdown with darld hammond. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. heaven on your palate." in other heavenly news, all our yoplait light flavors are now 90 calories each. and cue the angels. what? ok. we don't have angels. yoplait. it is so good. not quite knowing what the next phase was going to be, you know, because you been, you know, this is what you had been doing. you know, working, working, working, working, working, working. and now you're talking about, well you know, i won't be, and i get the chance to spend more time with my wife and my kids. it's my world. that's my world. ♪ to start her own interior design business. she's got a growing list of clien
. >> reporter: why did you give romney an a? >> debates are about expectations. and i think on style, romney didn't get tripped up in any of his awkward moments that he's become pretty well known for on the campaign trail, so, in my mind, he was testellar. he connected. and i thought he communicated a very clear and strategic and thematic case. and i think that leads into substance. >> reporter: style, you gave him a c? >> he looked good, but overall i thought that he was just a little bit too aggressive, a little bit too attack, attack, attack. >> reporter: he's got the mt. ru rushmore look. you gave him a b? >> he came in with a plan and he came -- he came in to win. he came here tonight to win. a boxer walking into a ring, knowing he's behind and he needs to win and he fought that fought. so, stylistically, he put the president on the defensive a number of times. a b. i'm a hard a, but a b is very good. >> reporter: all right, so, the president comes out there, he's the president, got the trappings of the office around him. on style, how do you grade him? >> a b. >> reporter: b. >> i gave
, pretty much any other debate that any of us here can remember. i thought governor romney did a fabulous job on both a relative basis -- in other words, comparing mitt romney with mitt romney performance is that we usually see. quite fabulous. and on a nominal basis, any standard, he did a very, very well. i think it is a true to say that president obama is a superior orator and i think mitt romney is a better debater. romney -- we saw something that we have not been seeing in a long time. it occurred to me that this reminded me more of the mitt romney i met in 1994, when he was running for the senate and came by and met with me and stu rothenberg and was just incredibly impressive and analytical and fact-driven, very pragmatic. this was that guy. not so much the person who had kind of been pretending to be an ideologue for the last few years. obama seemed to be like a team sitting on a lead. i would not have said "smug" at all. i would just say somebody who did not seem to be terribly hungry for it. i don't think there's any question that when you look at some of -- i am not really big
night. i thought mr. romney was -- he has statistics that just poured out like niagara falls, didn't they? >> reporter: but obama advisers know their target audience is undecided and swing voters. they quickly rolled out this ad challenging romney's tax plan wouldn't hurt the middle class. >> are we going to hold the governor accountable for his fraudulent positions? yes, we're going to do that. >> reporter: romney supporters are convinced their candidate has changed the course of this campaign and some are changing their plans, too. >> i'm going to talk to anybody i can, i'm going to call people, i'm going to volunteer at the republican committee and do whatever i can to help mitt romney win this election. >> whereas before you might have just cast your ballot? >> just voted. i'm really pumped up. >> reporter: the program starts here around 6:00. trace atkins is also here, but he is not the main attraction, mitt romney clearly is. i'll tell you about some other key stops mitt romney is making in the commonwealth over the next few days at 6:00. julie carey, news4. >>> president oba
by mitt romney, they thought, there is a human face. maybe we can appeal to him. they have called on mitt romney to come. they have all kinds of signs like, "may be mitt romney does have a jobs plan -- for china." is in kamen has been going on for two weeks now. we -- this encampment has been going on for two weeks now. we talk to the mayor about supporting this in camden. the mayor said we would like both presidential candidates to come here and have a debate. this is the site of the lincoln- douglas debates in 1888. why don't they come here and talk about what is happening to the jobs in this country? how can it romney talk about jobs in this country when his company, bain capital, which he founded, has ties to, and can influence today, will send 150 jobs to china right now. most of them will lose their jobs november 5th. they will get on the unemployment line and vote at just about the same time. >> tell us about your book the silent majority. who are these folks and why are they silence? >> i really do think that those who are deeply concerned about war, those who are concerned about
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